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Volunteer Information and Expectations

Thank you for your interest in serving as a LambdaConf Volunteer! LambdaConf is the largest interdisciplinary functional programming conference in the Mountain West (at least!), and with your help, we aim to make the best year yet! Applying to Volunteer at LambdaConf, and subsequently being accepted, comes with many benefits and carries many responsibilities. Please read through this list so you know what you're signing up for!

LambdaConf Has High Expectations.

We expect all Volunteers to put in 40 hours (on average) either before or during the conference (some positions require both). All Volunteers are expected to fulfill all stated duties and interact with and keep conference organizer(s) informed of progress in a timely manner. In exchange we provide free access to all conference materials and events, housing during the conference, a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (Saturday, June 2nd, the night before the conference starts), and Volunteer T-Shirts.

LambdaConf Is A Professional Event.

All attendees, volunteers, staff, and speakers are required to uphold LambdaConf's code of professionalism, which dictates how people may behave at the event. The short version is that people may not engage in harassment, stereotyping, discrimination, or judgmental language. The full version can be found here:

LambdaConf Will Promote You.

If your application is accepted, you are granting us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right to use your (preferred) name, (preferred) photo, and Volunteer position/title for promotion of the conference, functional programming, and the education of developer communities worldwide.

LambdaConf Is Switzerland.

LambdaConf does not endorse the views of any speaker, volunteer, attendee, vendor, sponsor, or staff member. More than that, LambdaConf will not ban anyone from the conference for their political, religious, philosophical, or moral views, so long as they can uphold LambdaConf's Code of Professionalism at the event. We will work to ensure all people are protected from harassment, discrimination, stereotyping, and judgmental language, to ensure the event remains professional and focused on the goals of the conference. You do not have to agree with this stance, but if you cannot respect it, then please do not submit an application.

T-shirt size
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Please read our FCOP and indicate that you agree to abide by it as a LambdaConf Volunteer.*
Next Steps

Please complete the following survey to help us determine your area of interest, and help ensure your success as a LambdaConf Volunteer. Once you have completed the survey, Courtney will set up an interview with you to talk about your preferred volunteer position and welcome you to the team.

Please read all of the descriptions and indicate ALL positions that interest you.
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Please indicate whether you'd like your interview to take place via Google Hangouts or Skype and provide contact information for the indicated choice.

Please Read Before Selecting Position(s) You're Interested In*

While we have positions available for "Before Conference, Conference Concurrent, and Post Conference" volunteers, so those who want to attend the conference without distraction may do so as much as possible, most positions have duties that necessitate crossover. We will, however, work to make sure that every volunteer, regardless of position, is able to attend sessions they are interested in.
Also, please be aware that:

1. Set-up the day before the conference, as well as attendee/speaker check-in on the first day of the conference, and conference clean-up does require "all hands on deck", and volunteers will need to arrange travel accordingly. Additionally, I will be asking volunteers interested in specific conference Network Activities to help facilitate and be an official presence that same day before LambdaConf.

2. While we have specific dining and waste volunteers, we also ask that all volunteers assist us in keeping public areas clean around meal times.

3. All volunteers are expected to be on-site during the entirety of the conference (Including Mini-Confs for some positions) unless time off is specifically arranged for before the conference.

4. The volunteer thank you dinner is currently scheduled for the evening before the conference starts, but as per item 1 above, this is a very busy day for us, so this might change. Participation is not required, but is greatly appreciated! *If/when plans change, I will announce this ASAP.

Networking activity
Activities occur on June 2nd, beginning in the morning and continuing into the evening. One free activity is included with each registration.
Available Positions
Please read position descriptions and choose ALL that you are interested in applying for. *

Please Note*- More positions may be added as needed. If you wish to apply as a volunteer but don't see a position you are interested in filling please check back periodically, as additional positions may become available.

Before Conference Positions

Conference Concurrent Positions

Post Conference Positions

Please describe any previous positions or experience you feel make you a good candidate for your preferred position(s).*