Add to my Schedule 101 - Wittermeyer Courtroom Jun 05, 2018 Educational - 50m 11:00 - 11:50

Monads are one of the first abstractions taught to those entering the functional programming world. In this talk, I will define and give examples of its categorical dual: comonads. Comonads allow composition over structured input rather than structured output. With monads, composition in structured output allows functional programmers to work with effectful and non-deterministic computations.  By contrast, comonads are able to model what I call 'superdeterminism': when a value, computed in a context, can be extended over the entire context. Some concrete use cases include: computing a running median, implementing a trie, and verifying a hash in a merkle tree. The primary focus of my talk will be on a particular class of comonads: cofree comonads. Cofree comonads, dual to free monads, are a product type the allow functional programmers to express seemingly infinite streams or trees of data. Using a cofree comonad, you can implement your own blockchain, DSL interpreter, and data stream processor.

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